Rate Cards


Time CR1 CR2
ZONE 1 0600 - 2000
2300 - 2500
0600 - 2000
2300 - 2500
ZONE 2 2000 - 2300 2000 - 2300
ZONE 3 2500 - 3000 2500 - 3000


Rate Card No. 39 (Effective: July 1, 2021)

ZONE 1 0600 - 2000
2300 - 2500
0600 - 2000
2300 - 2500
ZONE 2 2000 - 2300 2000 - 2300 10,200
ZONE 3 2500 - 3000 2500 - 3000 5,600

* Zone spots may be rotated, at the Station's discretion, within the sessions specified by the advertiser.


Loading Charge (applicable to Zone Spots only):

Fixed Time +25%

Rotation within 2 hours +10%

ZONE 1 0600 - 2600 4,400

Sales Package

Prime Time Package

20 spots to be distributed between 1000-2000 and 2300-2500 in CR1 or CR2 with the following broadcast schedule:-

Date Time session Daily no. of spot Total no. of spot
Mon-Fri (Except Wed) 1000 - 2000
2300 - 2500
3 14
Wed 2
Sat & Sun 3 6


30 second Package (per channel) HK$162,000

Remark: Partial packages are accepted only for the extension of a campaign and must be purchased in multiples of 2 spots (1 in Zone 1 and 1 in Zone 2 within the same day)



Run of Station Package*

3 spots daily to be evenly distributed in all zones (1000-2600) on 7 consecutive days (total 21 spots).

30-second Package HK$107,000

Remark: No partial packages are available
Limited Availability


In the event that the package spot(s) is pre-empted by Horse Racing and other special programmes, such spot(s) will be re-scheduled to the same time session(s) on another day within the campaign period and at the Station's discretion



Time check / Weather Report Sponsorship Package

Full Sponsorship Entitment

Daily 20 reports with 8sec. commercial message

Sponsorship Period CR1/CR2
12 months HK$ 4,000,000
6 months HK$ 2,200,000
3 months HK$ 1,150,000



Half Sponsorship Entitlement

Daily 10 reports with 8sec. commercial message

Sponsorship Period CR1/CR2
12 months HK$ 2,200,000
6 months HK$ 1,150,000
3 months HK$ 632,500


An advertiser will be entitled to the following volume rebates on expenditure for the 12-month period corresponding to his pre-defined fiscal year. Pre-defined fiscal years cannot be modified.



Annual Expenditure(HK$) Rebate %
750,001 - 1,250,000 2.5
1,250,001 - 1,800,000 5.0
1,800,001 - 2,600,000 7.5
2,600,001 - 3,600,000 10.0
3,600,001+ 15.0


Advertisers will be eligible for volume rebates only when

  1. The invoiced expenditure exceeds the threshold(s) defined above;
  2. Commercial Radio's trading terms are fully complied with; and
  3. Volume rebates only apply to the advertising items as listed in this rate card.


Expenditure on more than one channel cannot be combined for the purpose of volume rebate.


Acceptability of Materials

The Station reserves the right to approve or reject any materials without assigning any reason for so doing.

All materials supplied by the advertisers or its agencies must comply with:

  1. the laws of Hong Kong;
  2. the regulations contained in the Code of Practice :
    Radio Advertising Standards
    Radio Programme Standards
  3. any Ordinances, Communications Authority directions, and other conditions governing radio advertising.


Materials Deadline

All commercial materials should be received before 12 noon on the working day prior to the broadcast.

If the first broadcast day is Monday, the commercial materials should be received before 12 noon on Saturday.



Postponement will only be accepted up to a minimum of five (5) working days before the broadcast. Postponed spots must be broadcast within 90 days of the original schedule. Unused spots after this period will be charged in full.

The Station reserves the right to charge in full as per the original schedule for spots revised less than five (5) working days before the original broadcast date.

Only rate card items may be postponed.


Rate for Special Periods

Subject to airtime availability, loading charge may apply during specific time sessions.

* Details of General Conditions can be found on the reverse side of the contract.

Terms & Condition

  1. The following terms in these conditions shall have the following meanings :-
    "The Station" means Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
    "Sponsor" means an Advertiser who alone or jointly with other persons contracts to buy Commercial Time from the Station for the broadcast of a programme.
    "Rate Classification" means the classification of Commercial Rates in accordance with the Station's Ratecard.
    "Production Charges" means all costs and expenses over and above the airtime charge.
    "Accredited Advertisers" means Advertisers and Advertising Agencies who in the opinion of the Station are accredited.
    "Non-Accredited Advertisers" means Advertisers and Advertising Agencies who in the opinion of the Station are non-accredited.
    "Rate Protection Period" means the period during which the Advertiser is exempted from the payment of any Commercial Rates over and above the Commercial Rates it is currently paying.
  2. The Advertiser and the Advertising Agency (hereinafter collectively called "the Advertiser") shall be jointly and severally liable for the payment of all Commercial Rates and Other Charges (hereinafter collectively called "the Rates") under this Agreement.
  3. For Accredited Advertisers, payment of the Rates shall be made within 30 days from the date of the invoice. For Non-Accredited Advertisers, payment of the Rates shall be made before the first broadcast in execution of this Agreement.
  4. The Rates under this Agreement shall remain payable notwithstanding the withdrawal of the Programme or Advertisement by the Sponsor or Advertiser before the completion of the contracted number of broadcast.
  5. The official log of the Station containing details of the date and time of every broadcast shall be binding on the parties hereto and shall be conclusive proof of execution of this Agreement by the Station in any legal proceedings.
  6. No advertisements or programmes on products or services other than those named in this Agreement shall be broadcast in execution of this Agreement.
  7. Notwithstanding the Agreement herein and the Commercial Rates stated therein, the Station shall have the right to do the following acts at any time without being liable to the Advertiser or any other party howsoever and for whatsoever :-
    1. change the Commercial Rates and / or terms and conditions ;
    2. announce the imposition of special charges and conditions on advertisements and / or sponsorship for a particular programme (hereinafter called "the Pre-empting Programme") which shall pre-empt all advertisements or programmes of normal charges and conditions (hereinafter called "the Pre-empted Programme") ;
    3. cancel the broadcast of any programme or any part thereof covered by this Agreement (hereinafter called "the Adjourned Programme")in order to broadcast any programme which in the absolute discretion of the Station is of public interest (hereinafter called "the New Programme").

    In case (a) above, advance notice shall be given to the Advertisers affected who shall then be granted a Rate Protection Period of at least three (3) months from the date when the said change becomes effective. The Advertiser may then determine this Agreement at the end of the Rate Protection period by giving to the Station a written notice within 14 days from the date of receiving the said advance notice in which case only the advertisements or programmes already broadcast have to be paid, otherwise the Advertiser shall be deemed to have accepted liability to pay for the revised Commercial Rates and be bound by the revised terms and conditions. In cases (b) and (c) above, notice shall be given to the Advertisers concerned, if reasonably possible prior to the said imposition or cancellation, and if not reasonably possible within reasonable time of the said imposition or broadcast of the New Programme.

  8. In the occurrence of clauses 7(b), 7(c) or omission of a broadcast or broadcast of a wrong script of an advertisement, the Advertiser concerned may agree with the Station on a satisfactory substitute day and time for broadcasting the Pre-empted Programme the Adjourned Programme the omitted broadcast or the correct script as the case may be. Sponsors of a Pre-empted Programme may alternatively agree with the Station to sponsor another programme falling within the same Rate Classification. If no agreement has been reached between the parties within one (1) month from the date of the broadcast of the Pre-empted Programme or the New Programme or the date of the omitted broadcast or the broadcast of the wrong script, the Pre-empted Programme the Adjourned Programme the omitted broadcast or the broadcast of the correct script as the case may be shall be treated as cancelled.
  9. Any omission of broadcast or broadcast of a wrong script of an advertisement shall not invalidate this Agreement or entitle the Advertiser to any claim against the Station or to any compensation or remedy other than those provided herein.
    1. Any cancellation hereinmentioned shall not affect the rates, discount, rights and liabilities of the parties under this Agreement not entitle the Advertiser or the Sponsor to any claim against the Station for loss or damages.
    2. Notwithstanding condition 10(a) above, the Advertiser or Sponsor whose advertisement or programme has been cancelled shall not have to pay for the cancelled broadcast except for the amount stated in Condition 15(c) herein.
  10. All materials for broadcast supplied by Advertisers shall be approved by the Station before the first broadcast in execution of this Agreement. The Station shall have the absolute right to refuse granting approval to any material supplied for broadcast which in its opinion is not suitable for broadcast or not in line with the Station's programme or broadcast policies or not in compliance with the broadcast standard of the Station.
  11. All materials supplied by Advertisers for broadcast is at the sole risk of the Advertisers. The Station shall not be liable to the Advertisers for any loss or damage to the said materials howsoever caused and no indemnity shall be given in respect thereof by the Station.
  12. The Station shall have the absolute discretion to dispose of or destroy any material supplied to it for broadcast after 12 months from the date of the last broadcast under this Agreement and the Advertiser supplying the said material shall be deemed to have given its consent to the Station for such disposal or destruction.
    1. All scheduled times for broadcast are subject to changes owing to exigencies.
    2. The Station shall use its best endeavours to adhere to the scheduled times for broadcast but does not give any warranty in respect thereof and in particular in respect of the specific broadcasting time of spot announcement.
    1. Should the Station be unable to broadcast any part of or the whole of an advertisement or programme according to the Commercial Time stated in this Agreement owing to reasons stated in Condition 15(b) below, the Advertiser concerned shall not have the right to claim against the Station for any loss or damage except that it may either
      1. treat the broadcast for the advertisement or programme as cancelled in which case the Rates payable shall be reduced pro-rata ; or
      2. agree with the Station on a substitute day and time for broadcasting the said advertisement or programme in equivalent time zones.
    2. The reasons mentioned in Condition 15(a) above are :-
      1. public emergency or necessity ;
      2. legal restrictions ;
      3. labour disputes ;
      4. strikes, boycotts, secondary boycotts ;
      5. Acts of God ;
      6. mechanical breakdowns ;
      7. anything beyond the reasonable control of the Station.
    3. Notwithstanding Condition 15(a) above, if a programme exclusively designed and organized by a sponsor is unable to be broadcast owing to reasons in Condition 15(b) above or owning to written requests from the Sponsor which reaches the Station at least four (4) weeks prior to the scheduled time for broadcasting the said programme, the Sponsor shall have to reimburse the Station "the Production Charges" incurred by the Station in respect of the said programme.
    1. The advertiser warrants that
      1. it shall obtain and pay for all necessary licences and consents for broadcasting any advertising or copyright materials or the appearance of any person in its advertisement or programme.
      2. no material for its advertisement shall breach the copyright or other rights of any third party or be defamatory to any third party.
    2. The Advertiser or Sponsor shall keep the Station indemnified against all actions, proceedings, costs, damages, expenses, penalty claims, demands, liabilities and whatsoever arising from the broadcast of any advertisements or programmes or the use of any records or other materials supplied by or broadcast for the Advertiser or Sponsor under this Agreement including all costs incurred in obtaining advice on and dealing with threatened claims or proceedings whether or not actually brought or instituted.
  13. Programmes or scripts or materials produced or made by the Station for broadcast are the property of the Station and are for broadcast by the Station only. Any rebroadcast of such programmes or scripts or materials is subject to written permission by the Station and negotiations between the parties.
    1. If the Advertiser has fully discharged its liabilities under this Agreement (in cash), the Advertiser shall be entitled to the Volume Discount stipulated in the Ratecard of the Station on the date of calculation such Volume Discount.
    2. Calculation of Volume Discount shall take place at the expiry of the fiscal year of the Advertiser.
    3. The Station and the Advertiser undertake to pay to each another any amount payable after calculation of the Volume Discount.
  14. The terms and conditions hereincontained represent the entire agreement between the parties and no representation or statement shall be binding on the Station unless in writing and incorporated herein or in any document signed by the parties hereto amending such terms and conditions.

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