Commercial Radio Interactive (CRi)

The official website of Commercial Radio provides 24/7 free live streaming of ''FM 881'', ''FM 903'' and "AM 864'', instant local, international, financial and sports news, traffic information that keep users updated on what is happening in town and in the world.
In addition, continuous feed of talk of the town, entertaining and brand safety content in sections like "Program Highlights", ''DJ Columns'', ''The CR Intelligence'', ''903 Music Charts'', plus the audio archive services for loyal paid members draw huge traffic and visits to the website that maximizes the exposure of advertisements.
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The iconic online extension of Commercial Radio 2 feeds information of films, music, books, lifestyle, sports and popular culture via four categories namely ''Audio'', ''Visual'', ''Page'' & ''Taste'' to the young segment.
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Mobile App
Hong Kong Toolbar
Hong Kong Toolbar
The official mobile app of Commercial Radio and one of the most popular radio apps in Hong Kong provides 24/7 free live streaming of ''FM 881'', ''FM 903'' and ''AM 864'', instant local, international, financial and sports news, plus traffic information.
The app also features ''Program Highlights'', ''DJ Columns'', ''The CR Intelligence'', ''903 Music Charts'', etc. with hot topics and entertaining content, making the app an ideal mobile platform for advertisements and promotions.
Thoughtful settings such as ''Sleep Mode'' and Android version only ''Alarm'' function are bundled in the app.
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CR Program Archive
CR Program Archive
The mobile app is specifically for Commercial Radio’s loyal listeners. Paid members can access and listen to past programs of ''FM 881'' and ''FM 903'' anytime, anywhere. It is also equipped with practical personalized functions like adjustable ''Playback Speed'', ''Offline Mode'', ''Driving Mode'', and ''Alarm/Sleep Mode''.
Personalized settings can help attract the public and create value for customers.
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Social Media
" 商業電台" and " 商業電台" are the official Facebook Fan Pages of Commercial Radio 1 and 2 respectively with frequent feeds of popular programs’ video live streaming and highlights, updates and promotion videos of our events. The two Pages on the social media platform engage different segments of fans so that they can interact, share and viral the content and their reactions further.
Flexible social media promotion solutions such as live streaming, giveaways and other game activities can be custom designed and developed for clients to strengthen and enhance the exposure and popularity of the brand effectively.
Moreover, popular programs such as ''When I Was Young I Listen To The Radio'', ''Good Morning King'' and ''On a Clear Day'', etc. have their own Facebook Pages and followers where DJs can interact with directly, and brands can target to advertise more specifically.
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"cr881903'' is the official Instagram account of Commercial Radio. Programmes highlights, event updates are uploaded on daily basis aiming at younger target audiences on the popular social platform.
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The YouTube channel of Commercial Radio is loaded with video content of our popular programmes, like ''Summit'', "903 Music" and ''When I Was Young, I Listen To The Radio''. Some classic programmes and highlights of Commercial Radio’s major events such as ''Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation'' and ''Famine 30'' can also be found on the channel.
We produce and tailor-made high-quality video content for our clients to reach more potential audiences and promote their brands with multi channels/platforms.
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